"A glossy, shimmering lagoon of molten gold...Mano's Daughter do 10-tonne synthpop impeccably." Larry Day - The 405 (Full article here)



"Songs that speak to your heart and soul – gorgeous." Remy Etienne - Fame Magazine's Band of the week (Full article here)

"The EP is a testament to their diverse sound within their genre with euphoric highs and pensive, ambient moments that showcase the band’s substance." The Vinyl District's UK Artist of the week (Full article here)


"A luscious EP that will astound and impress their fans and newcomers alike." Circuit Sweet (Full article here)


"Mano’s Daughter have outdone themselves with ‘Smart’." Bekka Collins - Mistree Magazine (Full article here)


"they create a spellbinding embrace of sound which provokes and evokes the imagination." Pete - RingMaster (full article here)


“ A fantastic new find with a far future ahead.” White Noise Blog


 "The Machine is an elegant gem from Mano's Daughter, incorporating a hybrid of late night electronica and infectious pop..." Mike Mineo - Obscure magazine (full article here)


"Luscious synths, pure toned Female Vocals and more than a little nouse of songwriting and arrangement." Simon Li


"London Grammar-esque vocals combined with a velvet elegance of texture and layering made them an absolute delight to listen to." Overhead wires promotions - Brighton


"Mano’s Daughter have edge, effortless style and an ethereal quality which makes them fantastically fresh.... we reckon it’d sound absolutely delicious on a live stage." Emerging Icons


” A band that is even better live than their recorded works is difficult to come by I find – yet there I was sat right in the thick of it!” Adam Cinel - Live review Ginglik


"...lead singer Sarah's lyrics flow eloquently in this funky, pulsating pop record.....this a smooth, chic effort from the exciting three-piece." Nerve Radio